An Exercise in Absolute Candor

It has been nearly three months since my last post and its not because I've been so busy reading that I haven't had time to post. Its because I've been distracted by work (with lots of travel) and meeting the expectations of others that I have not posted. This blog is more than a reflection of comic culture and its impacts, its about my life, my connection to comic culture and how others (creators, fans, etc) connect to comic culture. So moving forward, I'm going to practice Absolute Candor (thank you Star Trek: Picard and the Qowat Milat for the intro lessons). This means once weekly posts, based in the realities of what I've experienced and/or seen others experience in comics culture. No click bait. No trying to win approval or likes. No coping out - there is always time for Comics In My Life.

My opinions will continue to be my own and hopefully along the way I'll be able to share some adventures.

Shout out to Autumn at the Be Relax spa in the Philly Airport - talking with you about the MCU was a blast and a catalyst for reflection.

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