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Calling All #Lucifans!

What do the television shows Star Trek: The Original Series, Cagney and Lacey, and Designing Women have in common with Lucifer?

Each of these shows were saved from cancelation by fans.

Famously, the first television show to be saved by fans was Star Trek through an Inception like letter writing campaign. Being pre internet, fans had to write to one another to encourage fellow fans to write letters to CBS which eventually led to a third season for the original series and later the first original series movie. Star Trek's successful fan campaign paved the way for other fan letter writing campaigns. Cagney and Lacey's campaign was even promoted by Ms. Magazine, Gloria Steinem and the National Organization for Women and the Designing Women letter campaign garnered over 50,000 letters.

Over time, fans have not waned in their passion and have incorporated new creative, multi media methods. Fans of the television show Chuck, organized by, combined letter writing with Subway sandwich purchases and American Heart Association donations. The campaign encouraged Arrested Development fans to send letters and fake bananas to the studio as their cancelation protest. While there are other great examples of fan enthusiasm saving television shows from cancelation, the one that my post title alludes to is the #SaveLucifer campaign.

For those who aren't #Lucifans, I'm going to try to sum this up super quick. The television show Lucifer (inspired by characters from Neil Gaiman's Sandman comic series) aired for three seasons on Fox before being cancelled in early May 2018. Encouraged by co-showrunners Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich, fans began filling up Twitter with tweets and the hashtag #SaveLucifer quickly climbed to number one. Additional internet based fan groups spread the word and within a month of viral activity, press coverage and cast interactions, Netflix had picked up the show and gave it a green light season 4. This fan campaign would eventually lead to a fifth and final sixth season, allowing the show (cast, crew and creative team) to finish what they started on their own terms and in a happy place for fans.

  1. As someone who is constantly amazed and curious about fan culture and its associated events, I've decided to launch a research project focused on the #SaveLucifer fan campaign. This independent study is being conducted solely for the purposes of developing a better understanding of fan culture and its socio-cultural manifestations. The researcher and study are in no way affiliated with Fox, Warner Bros, Netflix or any other entity or institution. No compensation will be provided for participants.

YOU can be part of this study IF you:

- have watched at least one complete season of the Lucifer television show between the years of 2016 - 2021

This research will consist of five phases:

Phase 1: Initial Survey (February 1, 2022 - May 11, 2022)

Phase 2: Survey Review (May - July 2022)

Phase 3: Virtual Interview Process (May - September 2022)

Phase 4: Data Evaluation (September - November 2022)

Phase 5: Final Results/Peer Review/Release of Findings (December 2022)

To participate in the Phase 1 Initial Survey, click the below link:

Also if you know someone who might be interested in participating in this study, please be sure to send them here or to the above link.

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