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Parental Geek Dreams are Made of This

Recently I posted about how my daughter is enjoying the graphic novel life, which has lead to the formation of a kids graphic novel club. gets BETTER!

The other day my husband and I were doing work around the house together and my daughter was just off by herself playing. When I checked on her, I found that she was drawing very intently. I asked, "Whatcha up to?" and she responded, "I'm drawing my own comics".

YESSSSSS!!! I have leveled up as a geek mom! Without coaxing or suggestion, my daughter decided to express herself though the amazing media form known as comics!

I'm going to keep my cool and not share the comics with you because I want her to fully realize her vision and find her own voice before she gets wind of the idea of them being online and the highly critical nature that comes with that.

So tell me - how have you leveled up your geek life recently?

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