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This Is The May

Perhaps it is the fact I haven't been to an in person fan convention in over a year or my ever

present deep need to feel connected to the fan community that made me approach May the 4th, aka Star Wars Day, with gusto this year. Regardless of the reason, I’m really grateful that I spent the time and effort to seize the day in a special way. Since in person gatherings are still out of the question, I developed a home bound, four step approach in order to celebrate.

Something Shared

First, my ‘Something Shared’ was perhaps too obviously taken form via social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok all in full force) and it did not disappoint. Besides sharing my edible adventures (more on that next), the social networks provided a wide variety of memes, posts, cosplay and more all themed to the Star Wars fandom. Here's a gallery of some of my favorite memes (all credit given to the creators):

It is also particularly entertaining to see other fandoms partake in the meme fun. You could say the meme is strong with these ones (all credit given to the creators):

Something Consumed

Next up, my something consumed was initially going to be just dinner but between my family’s ideas and the ones I found on, there was no way to constrain myself to one themed meal. Here is the daily menu breakdown:

Breakfast - Leia’s Cinnamon Buns (inspired by her iconic hair look)

Lunch - Hoth Dogs (yes, I know these were just hot dogs but let’s all use our imagination here...the onions are snowflakes, the ketchup Wampa blood sauce and Chili Wampa guts...okay maybe that’s too far)

Dinner - HAM Solo (my daughter came up with this) with Porg-tatoes (hand cut) and Ahch-To greens (peas) and Yoda Soda (a non-alcoholic recipe of my own making)

Dessert - Obi-Wan Cannolis (robes made of Tootsie Rolls)

Something Reused

My Something reused was a total lucky find at a local library book sale - issues 1-6 of the recently renewed Star Wars Doctor Aphra comic series by Alyssa Wong, Marika Cresta and Rachelle Rosenberg. This series details the adventures of archaeologist bounty hunter Doctor Aphra (think Indiana Jones in Space but better) and her on-again, off-again colleagues through a galaxy far, far away during the time period of Darth Vader. Initially introduced in a series from 2016-2017, this series allows you to jump in, meet the characters and enjoy the ride. Strong female characters, excellent story and illustration all combine together for a great Star Wars experience that helps to flesh out the universe beyond the Skywalkers. I enjoyed it so much, I ordered the initial series omnibus and novel right after reading and headed to my local comic book shop to get the next issues (7, 8, 9) of this series.

Cover image gallery Issues 1-6, Copyright Marvel

Something New

Finally, something new. Fittingly, Star Wars: The Bad Batch (created by Dave Filoni) aired its first episode on Disney+ (a vital streaming subscription in our household and not just for Star Wars content) and it did not disappoint. I have a strict no spoilers policy so here’s the sum up. The Bad Batch is an animated series that flows out of the last season of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars (also animated) and focuses on Clone Force 99 in the time after the infamous Order 66. Note: You don’t necessarily need to have watched all of Clone Wars to get what’s going on but it will help to have watched the last season as it will give you more context of what’s going on and who these characters are. What makes them bad? Well they’re clones that were further genetically altered/mutated for special combat traits and they don’t play by the rules. The special 70 min episode on May the 4th is followed by the second episode on May 7th making this week a special week of new Star Wars content. Again, the storytelling and imagery is remarkable and while there are references to other ‘cannon’ characters, it is very exciting to have stories beyond the Skywalker saga. After all, it's a big galaxy and there’s more than one family in it.

Overall my four step approach lead to a full and fun Star Wars Day however, I am looking forward to when I can say May the 4th Be With You to fellow fans in person. I’m sure I’m not alone in that sentiment or in planning independent festivities.

What did you do for the day? Or are you more of a Revenge of the Sixth fan?

Drop a line and share your thoughts.

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